wind damage

Things to do right after the Wind/Storm Damage

Wind damages caused by the storms and hurricane can be devastating for many homeowners. Along with the damages caused by the winds, water and dirt can damage the home to a great extent.  These kinds of reimbursement can cause severe structural problems or small leaks to the property. It is necessary to start fixing up the damages caused by the wind in a proactive manner to protect your home from further damages.

There are many companies who offer this kind of Wind damage repair and restoration service in the market. Professionals help in this type of disaster damages can be extremely helpful for the homeowners, who will attend the case in a prompt manner and helps to restore within the stipulated time. Before contacting the professional Wind damage repair company, there are some certain things to do right after the Wind/ storm damages in your home.


Contact the insurance company

As soon as the disasters end and you found your home in damage state, contact your insurance firm for insurance claim recovery. It is important to get in touch with your Insurance Company within the stipulated time for better chances to get a full claim. Whatever the damage is a window glass break, missing shingles from the roof, water intrusion and severe home damaged by the winds, note it down and take photos and other ground of evidence of the damages, to show it to the insurance company for the claim.

After the insurance claim

If you are done with successful claiming up of insurance money, you can make the small and a temporary fix for the home until the repair works begin. You can also note down this amount to claim amount too. After this, you can start your search for hiring the professional General contractor company who provides wind damage restoration service in your city. The best way is, of course, is searching through the online, directories and references to shortlist the best company for you. And you can also check the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website to get a full insight of the listed companies.

Take the quotes from different contractors and evaluate which one will be best for your needs. And then employ them for your repairing works of wind damage.

What you can expect

There are some things that any General Contractor who provides Wind Damage restoration service should provide to their clients, Such as a detailed written contract with the complete repair cost caused by wind. And also the guarantee period of their works and other services. What you can expect from such a company is that a complete restoration within the predetermined time and prompt manner within the quote.